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Re: Time off request
Jan 27, 2016
Keith Michaels
to me


Your time off request has been approved. Enjoy your time in California. Bring something back for me, will you?

Keith Michaels
Battalion Chief
Boston Fire Department

Jan 26, 2016
Micah Forrester
to Keith Michaels


Do you mind if I take a week off? I've lined up someone to take my place, sorry for the short notice. My girlfriend and I are headed to California for some much needed R&R, especially after the last few months.



Happy Birthday! The next one's on us.
Jan 26, 2016
My Starbucks Rewards
to me

Jan 23, 2016
Micah Forrester
to me

Reminder to self.

If you wake up one morning and don't know why you haven't remembered large chunks of the previous week, there's a reason. It's going to sound completely fuckin' retarded, but work with me here, alright?

You're not from here. And not like, you're not from Boston kinda thing. You're not from this planet, this system. You're from a place called Planet X, or Xanth. It is your home no longer. It isn't even in this universe, anyway, but in my universe, it was destroyed by an asteroid. (Say that one five times fast.) Your kind are gone, those that were on the planet at the time of its destruction. You were not on the planet at that time, obviously, so here we are.

Regardless of your home planet, your actual home is on the ship that belongs to Star-Lord. That title is bouncing around here and there anymore, but it belongs to Peter Quill, and he is your family. Figuratively and, in this life, literally. Gamora is your family. Rocket is your family. Lots of other people have been on that ship and part of your crew, and they're your family too.

You are a plant humanoid. The skin that's on you now does not belong to you, not really. It's hard to explain, but this whole life you're living, it isn't real. It's not really you. The memories in your head have been placed there, one way or another, and the life that you've lived isn't really yours. Suffice it to say, there are infinity gems at play, and likely some other universe-warping powers as well. Regardless, when you feel some gaps in time that you can't quite place, it is very likely that the separation between your real life and this one you've been living, that separation has been dropped, merged, however you want to think of it. The cause is unknown at this time, but it happens regularly. You may as well get used to this, until something happens and your life, your real life, returns to you. Returns to me.

I know this is likely very confusing, and may sound a little crazy, but it's all truth. There are a number of people you could ask, but I know you won't. Eventually, these things will come back to you, and you'll remember who you are. If you doubt me, ask Pete.


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Jan 16, 2016
to me

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