⇢ given name samuel micah forrester, jr ⇢ age + birthdate 34 • january 29, 1981 ⇢ birthplace boston, massachusetts ⇢ current residence boston, massachusetts ⇢ occupation critical care paramedic, boston fd ⇢ marital status burnt rocks are my favorite
i am groot.
from the moment micah came into the world, he was the apple of his parents' eyes. two loving and gentle souls, they had been together for twenty years in total, married for sixteen. they had been high school sweethearts, never even dated anyone else in high school, married as soon as they both legally could. they had spent almost as much time trying to have children; though their doctor said she could never carry a child, they still tried. by the time she finally got pregnant she was 34 years old--though they were elated, she was concerned about the pregnancy. she'd heard stories about people having children in their late thirties, but that was just her being overprotective of what would likely be her only child. and, that theme would be ever present in micah's life.

as a young child, micah rarely followed the rules. it's not to say he was a terrible child; he liked breaking rules for fun, but never to harm anyone else. little micah was devious enough to get himself in trouble, smart enough to get himself out of it, and cute enough to make people forget about it, albeit temporarily. and, being the only child, his parents very rarely enforced groundings. teachers cut him a break in exchange for good grades. shortly into his childhood, micah was no longer an only child. biologically speaking, his parents never had any more children; however, upon the death of his aunt, his cousin came to live with them. he had always been friends with peter, and it only came natural to accept him as his brother. and, this provided an opportunity for micah to have a partner in crime--the pair found themselves causing mischief wherever they went. micah's parents often frowned upon their mischief, but never felt disappointed--they knew that micah was trying to be a good friend, cousin, and brother to pete. he acted as his older brother at times, making sure he kept pete from getting beaten up too badly after flirting with some other guy's girlfriend. (this happened a lot.)

the troublesome twosome continued on past high school, and eventually the two of them joined emergency medical services for the boston fire department. though they both loved a little mischief, they both enjoyed the satisfaction of helping another person any way they could. the men flourished in their careers as EMT's, talking the administrative staff into letting them work the same shift, so they became partners. however, after some time, pete started to act strange...he started missing work more and more. he wasn't himself, but micah couldn't put his finger on it. he would ask, but pete never went into detail, instead leaving the subject vague and undiscussed. eventually, pete resigned, leaving micah without a partner. of course it bothered him--he'd spent more than half his life attached to pete, but they were adults. maybe it was time to move on, he would often think.

with the way his cousin's life had been evolving, micah felt like he was being left in the dust. he busied himself with work, picking up double shifts and more overnights than one person should. he soon became a certified paramedic, and worked toward other certifications. if he kept himself busy with work, maybe he'd feel like he was making more of a difference in the world. his boss recognized this, and suggested he take the necessary coursework to become a critical care paramedic. micah had never considered a career in the medical field--a kid straight out of high school applying for a job as an ambulance driver rarely does--but at 34 years old, he felt like he was making a difference in the world, saving as many lives as he could.

because micah has thrown himself into his work, he rarely has time for a social life. his personality suggests that he's a popular guy--he's very likeable, he knows he's kind of cute, and he has a quirky sense of humor. he's a little bit of a flirt at times, but never gets himself involved with anyone. the fact that his partner at work is a woman that he's known since he was in high school tends to cause whispers between his colleagues--the two of them frequently get dinner or drinks (or both) after a particularly stressful shift. but at the end of the day, micah's only desire is to sit down on the couch, have a beer, and play diablo until he falls asleep.

family biological parents sam & maureen extended family pete lord


miscellaneous ⇢ astrological sign aquarius ⇢ myers briggs ESTP
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tie-ins • last name is forrester, similar to trees
• close ties with pete (star-lord), gia (gamora), and rhett (rocket)
• rescue related occupation
• environmentally conscious
• very tall


incentives locked
• cellular regeneration
    • regenerative healing
• super strength
• tree form
    • weapon immunity
    • self sustenance
• flight
• size manipulation
• genius intellect
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